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Why should I Choose France! for my studies?

Studying in France, at university or one of the grandes écoles, has many advantages. In particular, it means benefiting from one of the world's best and most accessible systems of higher education.

An internationally renowned system of higher education

The excellence in higher education and research in France is widely acknowledged. Numerous French universities and grandes écoles are placed highly in the most reputable international rankings, such as the Times Higher Education, Financial Times ranking, QS, ARWU Shanghai ranking and the European Union’s U-Multirank.

This reputation of quality is reflected in the exceptional achievements of French researchers throughout the decades and even centuries. With 13 Fields Medallists, France is second in the world for mathematics. France also boasts of 62 Nobel Prize laureates, including Marie Curie. She is the first woman to receive two Nobel Prizes, the first for Physics in 1903 and the second for Chemistry in 1911.

In all, France is proud to have also produced 15 Nobel laureates in Literature, 13 in Physics and three in Economics. France is 6th in the world for the most patents filed internationally.

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Universities and grandes écoles that are open to all

The quality of higher education in France is the result of a long-term far-sighted political will with emphasis on continued excellence. Each year, the government invests massively in education and research. Education is reserved the biggest portion of the state budget, taking up 20%.

This policy has enabled France to provide students with one of the best systems of higher education in the world and, above all, one of the most accessible. French universities and grandes écoles offer high-quality training without imposing exorbitant tuition and fees.

Be assured that the curriculum in our universities is associated with accredited research laboratories and seasoned faculty members. Regardless of what you are studying, in France, you will always be accompanied by committed experts.

So what more are you waiting for?

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What career options do I have?

At the heart of the industrial dynamism of major French companies is innovation and research. But abroad, France is also seen as a country of traditional and very high quality craftsmanship.

France has the world's 6th largest economy and 31 of the world's 500 most powerful companies. Many French industrial groups are leaders in their sectors with a worldwide presence, including Airbus, Danone, L’Oréal, LVMH, Orange, Sanofi and Total.

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The success of French innovation

France is the European country with the most number of innovative companies in the world, regularly making the top 100. The country is home to 71 competitiveness clusters that comprise an attractive ecosystem, bringing together laboratories, universities, start-ups and major corporations. French Tech, with an investment of 200 million euros, supports the development of digital companies and young talent attraction.

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