Since 1972, EICAR, a film and television school in Paris, has been preparing tomorrow’s professionals for jobs in film and television, sound and music, performing arts and production.

The “learning by doing” pedagogy, designed and taught by working professionals, relies on adapted infrastructures and state-of-the-art technical equipment to encourage practice.

With more than 60 nationalities represented, students build up an international professional network throughout their studies.

A brand new campus in Paris with student accommodation is a great asset for international students !


BFA Filmmaking Bachelor of Fine Arts Archives - EICAR
MFA Filmmaking Master of Fine Arts Archives - EICAR
One Year Program Filmmaking One Year Filmmaking Program - EICAR
One Year Program Acting
One Year Program Advanced Program Cinematography
Summer Workshop Summer Workshops Archives - EICAR
FLE Français Langue Etrangère French as a Foreign Language & Audiovisual Program - EICAR

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