The University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté provides an international integrated MSc/PhD program called El PHI standing for “Engineering and Innovation through Physical Sciences, igh-technologies, and cross-dlsciplinary research”.

The students in th is graduate school will acquire a solid background in various topics, ranging from fundamental to applied sciences, allowing them to build a successful career in academie and industrial R&D sectors.

Based on the eastern border of France close to Switzerland and Germany, the Graduate School is founded on three top ranking international research laboratories, FEMTO-ST, ICB and 1MB.

EIPHI proposes five research domains in sciences to students and aims at promoting:

    • Mind opening as required for ali scientific or technological innovations in our modern world , through access to the latest scientific knowledge, and through travel opportunities within a broad international academie network;
    • lnter-disciplinary abilities for answering to the challenges of transversal and complex projects of future profession al activities;
    • A strong complementary training in both theory and applications, through immersion in world class academie research groups, access to high-tech academie platforms, and connections with technology-based industries;
    • A personalized tutoring and mentoring framework for each student, in a stimulating international atmosphere, immersed in a welcoming french cultural environment.

The EIPHI curriculum consists in 10 MSc programs in 2 years (120 ECTS) and in 5 research domains (Physics & Mathematics, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Computer Szcience, Material Science, Energy) and the corresponding PhD degree in 3 years.