Spéos is the school of reference in the field of photography and the leader of higher education in professional photography in France. Spéos is also recognized internationally and ranked in the Top 5 best photo schools in the world.

For 36 years, Spéos has been preparing students for today’s market demands and accompanying them to become accomplished photographers in the field of their choice.
Spéos diplomas are recognized by the profession and the French State. The title of photographer RNCP level 7 awarded by Spéos represents the highest level of professional training qualification for photographers, equivalent to a Bac+5.

Spéos offers courses in English and French, in Paris and London, with a wide choice of programs in 5 months in Paris or in London and professional photography programs in 1 year, 2 years or 3 years addressing all the themes of professional photography: photojournalism, studio, fashion photography, processing and management of digital images, visual identity, history of photography. The courses are complemented by personal work on shooting, creation and management of images.

The school only involves professional photographers in its programs. Emphasis is placed on practice thanks to the spacious studios and high-quality equipment.

The Spéos Alumni care program actively supports young graduates in taking their first steps as professional photographers in the industry.

Spéos Protects the World Heritage of Photography with the Invention of Photography Museum: the Nicephore Niépce House awarded with the prestigious label “Maison des Illustres” by the French Ministry of Culture in 2013, with the sponsorship of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Fine Arts.

Applications are made directly online on the school’s website:
Application form in French: https://speos-photo.com/fr/formulaire-candidature-en-ligne/
Application form in English: https://speos-photo.com/en/online-enrollment-form/

Read the practical information on how to apply:

School Photo Gallery: https://speos-photo.com/en/school-photo-gallery/
School Video Gallery: https://speos-photo.com/en/school-video-gallery/


Professional Photography in 1 year
The Entrepreneurial Photographer in 1 year
European Master of Professional Photography in 1 year
Creative Documentary and Photojournalism by Magnum Photos & SpéosCreative Documentary and Photojournalism by Magnum Photos & Spéos
Fashion, Luxury & Beauty Photography
Professional Photography in 2 years
The Entrepreneurial Photographer in 2 years
European Master of Professional Photography in 2 years
Professional Photography + Video/3D
The Entrepreneurial Photographer + video/3D
Professional Photography Fundamentals – 5 months in Paris
Photojournalism by Polka & Spéos – 5 months in Paris
Professional Photography Fundamentals – 5 months in London
Photography workshops in Paris
Photography Workshops in London
Workshops in Biarritz
Commercial + Fine Art Portrait Photography – An Immersive Online Course
Blended Learning Professional Photography course

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