Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

Located in the heart of the Quartier Latin, in the 5th district of Paris , Sorbonne Nouvelle University offers high-level multidisciplinary degrees in the fields of Modern Languages, Literature, Arts, Social and Human Sciences. Through its international exposure, Sorbonne Nouvelle University implements a policy of welcoming and integrating international students which account for 30% of its student population.


English licence
578 / 5000 Translation results English licence Master 1 and 2 Anglophone World - Language, Literature and Societies (LLS)
Master 1 and 2 International Studies - English-speaking area
Diploma of access to university studies (DAEU)
Minor DFLES / DUECDF - Didactics of French as a Foreign and Second Language
Master 1 Didactics of languages, FFL and FSL
Master 2 Didactics of languages, FFL and FSL
Modern Letters License
Master 1 and 2 in Modern Letters
Master 1 and 2 General and Comparative Literature (LGC): theory, translation, circulation
License Language Sciences
Master 1 and 2 Language Sciences

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